Cherryhill abortion clinic in durban, we offer abortion procedure’s and these include Medical, Aspiration and Surgical abortion services, All procedures are  safe, same-day & pain-free abortion services.


Our Mission

We provide optimal care and helping our patients in making a right decision about which procedures or method is right for them at their stage(Gesture) of their pregnancy(s).

Our Services

We offer abortion pill in durban and Deliver abortion pills to your Office,Work place & Home’s to those who prefer doing it by themself in their own privacy for some personal Reason(s).


Abortion Procedures/Method’s

we offer different abortion methods to terminate 1 to 24 weeks  of unplanned pregnancy(s).
These  methods include the medical
abortion |
abortion pills, surgical abortion & aspiration procedure. 

Medical Abortion/Abortion Pills
Step One:abortion pill  blocks the hormone progesterone . Without progesterone the lining of the uterus breaks down ending the pregnancy.
Step Two:abortion pill makes the uterus contract and empty causing a termination or miscarriage.

How long does the medical abortion procedure take?

Some women (2-5%) may begin to bleed after using it in the me . Even so you must use it as instructed.
Most women find it stressful or emotionally difficult to be in medical offices and wish to complete the process in the comfort of their own homes.


How effective is medical abortion ?
OB/GYN clinics Durban offers are approximately 98% effective. 
the abortion  will terminate the pregnancy (s) with no side effects  at a very low cost . medical abortion costs . abortion pills prices
Surgical Abortion

Surgical Abortion: Women’s clinic offers terminations of pregnancy from 14-26 weeks from your last menstrual period. This type of abortion is relatively low-risk and normally takes only 1-3hours.

Bleeding & Cramping

Most people can expect very heavy bleeding with this method and it is normal to pass some large clots. Bleeding may continue off and on for several days or weeks and can range from a light flow or spotting to heavier, like a period. However, if you do not begin bleeding within 24 hours or you are soaking through 2 or more pads per hour for 2 hours in a row, please call AWC immediately. Cramping is normal with this type of abortion and may be much worse than a period. Pain medication will be prescribed.


Following the abortion, the women are closely monitored and rest in a comfortable recovery room under the supervision of the nursing staff. Before discharge, they are given prescriptions for a medication and post-operative instructions. Patients are encouraged to rest comfortably before departure.


Patients can resume normal physical activities the day after the abortion.   All prescribed medicines must be taken as directed and any unusual symptom such as excessive bleeding, severe cramping, or a temperature over 100F degrees should be reported. As a precaution against infection,  NO douching, NO intercourse, or NO tampons for at least 1 weeks after the abortion. The patient may return to the Center for a follow-up examination or see her personal physician or clinic.